Local Rules


In addition to what is on the back of the scorecard, please be aware of the following special local rules

Garden Beds: Any garden bed area that is fully enclosed by rock boundaries may be treated as G.U. R. and relief may be taken as per rule 25-1b.

If rock surrounds interfere with a players stance or swing, relief may be taken under rule 24-2a & b.

If a players ball lies on a path or road that has a formed surface, relief May be taken under Rule 24-2a & b.Relief may be taken if a players ball lies in a track made by a  MOTORIZED vehicle , proceed under  Rule 25 1b

13th Hole

  • If your ball finishes in the hazard at the back of the 13th green you must drop in the drop zone provided 3-4 meters from the back of the green and to the right. This is not a free drop. 
  • If your ball finishes on the pathway at the back of the 13th green you can proceed to play the ball or take a free drop no nearer the hole (under the Rules of Golf) or you may use the dropping zone provided as mentioned in the above rule.
  • All wood chip covered paths are an optional free drop.
  • Sandstone enclosed garden beds are GUR.
  • Greenside sprinkler heads – If a sprinkler head ( or cover ) is within two club lengths of it, you may take the nearest point of relief.

Other Local Rules

  • Check the noticeboard at the front of the Proshop for special rules. 
  • All woodchip covered paths are optional free drop 
  • All GUR is to be treated as a compulsory free drop 
  • All marked garden areas are compulsory GUR free drop 
  • GPS distance measuring devices are permitted for use. Devices measuring wind or slope (or anything other than distance) are NOT permitted. 
  • Environmental areas – any areas defined by red stakes with a green tip are to be treated as a environmentally sensitive area and should your ball land in this area a compulsory drop with a penalty shot applies. Players can enter this area to look for their ball but they MUST NOT hit from these areas 
  • Pin positions are denoted by flag colour as; Red: Front, White: Middle, Yellow: Back 
  • Staked trees and 150M markers – if a staked tree or the 150M marker interferes with a players stance or the area of an intended swing the player must take relief as applied under Rule 24-2b. Tree guards and stakes are to be treated as immovable obstructions and MUST NOT be removed. 

If you have any questions or need to seek a ruling please contact the Pro Shop on 9662 6453 to access an official.