Can I join Eastlake? – Eastlake accepts member applications all year round. We offer flexible payment systems and Pro-rate the fees month-to-month. Most memberships are accepted at the beginning of each month which enable you to get the most value from your membership.

Is there a joining fee? – Yes. The joining fees are listed in our membership fees page.

What is the best way to apply? – The best way to apply is via our website and fill out the membership application online. We will be in touch within 7 days of your application. Alternatively, give us a visit here in the club to fill out an application form.

Do men and women have separate categories? – Eastlake is a gender-neutral club and all membership categories are open to both Men & Women. Both Men & Women are able to participate in all competitions and all days.

Do I need a proposer/seconder? – No. All prospective members are treated equally and handled on a first come, first serve basis.

How long will it take to join? – After we accept your membership application (provided there is no waitlist) we will process your first instalment or accept full payment. Your membership will then be active within 48 hours.

Can I cancel my membership? – Your membership can be cancelled at any point in time. However, you will not receive a refund for any joining fees paid.

Is there a group discount? – We do not offer group discounts. All membership applications are treated equally.

How does the instalment plan work? – Monthly instalments are processed on the 15th of that particular month via your nominated payment method (Debit Card or Direct Debit). Your first instalment must be paid upfront for your application to be accepted. See breakdown below:

Membership Fee: 7 Day Full Member
Fee Price
Joining Fee $2000.00
Monthly Fee $207.00
House Levy $100.00
Admin Fee $100.00
Golf NSW Affiliation $55.00
Golf Link $5.00
Total $2467.00 (1st Installment)
Ongoing $207.00 (Monthly Debits)

Is it hard to get an early tee time? – Early morning tee times are at a premium here at Eastlake and are our most popular times. Obtaining an early morning tee time can be a challenge, especially during winter months when daylight hours are much shorter.

How can I book an early tee time? – The best way to get an early morning weekend tee time is to attend the “Tee Draw” held on Thursday nights at 6:00pm in the club. The tee draw is a random lottery for which gives all members in attendance equal opportunity to gain pole position. How do I book midweek? Bookings from Monday to Friday are done via an “Online Lottery” system 7 days prior to the date of play.