R&A Women in Golf Charter

Eastlake Golf Club is proud to announce that it has recently become a signatory of the R&A’s Women in Golf Charter.

The Charter was developed by the R&A, to create a more inclusive culture for women and girls in golf and is supported by the Australian PGA, WPGA and Golf Australia. 

For Eastlake Golf Club, one of Sydney’s few gender-neutral memberships, signing up to the Charter demonstrates the Club’s on-going commitment to encourage and engage female golfers in both a playing and leadership capacity.

The Club already offers regular female and junior coaching programs, with many of the Club’s annual trophy events already open to both male and female members. The Club’s membership options are open to both male and female members, allowing them to select a membership model that suits their lifestyle and golfing preferences. 

In the future, the Club will look to further engage women through a governance review, further growth of the female membership and by actively encouraging the Club’s female members to stand for the Board and other leadership positions within the Club.

The Board is excited at becoming a signatory of the Women in Golf Charter and sees this commitment as a logical step in realizing the goals and objectives set forth in the Club’s Strategic Plan.

R&A Women in Golf Leadership Statement

Golf Australia’s “The Future of Women & Girls in Golf” aims to ensure that golf is a sport where women and girls are inspired to participate, feel welcomed and nurtured, and empowered to achieve their goals.

The Women and Girls’ Engagement Plan is playing a critical role in increasing leadership & participation in golf in Australia through five key areas of the game, that align to Australian Golf’s National Strategy:

  1. Telling our story better
  2. Attracting new Golfers
  3. Increasing our Core
  4. Attracting New Fans and Growing Revenue
  5. Working together

Eastlake Golf Club acknowledges the important role community golf clubs will play in transforming our sport into one that is highly engaging, accessible, and fully inclusive for women and girls.

Eastlake Golf Club officially supports Golf Australia’s Women and Girl’s Engagement Plan and commits to participating in national initiatives designed to increase the engagement of women and girls in golf.